Hannah B

Hannah Bedeck

Morning Sky

Morning sky, morning sky,

Gazing as the clouds pass by


Morning sky, morning sky

The Iron  Mountain soars so high


Evening sky, evening sky

The leaves fall to the ground;

They were lost now found


Night sky, night sky,

The starlight twinkles as the day passes by


As I dream, as I dream,

I dream of all the great things to be,

Like eating fruit below the willow tree,

As the beautiful day passes me


Tomorrow’s a new day full of fun,

As I look up at the glittering sun

The Mysterious Cat

Once upon a time and long ago, there lived a queen who roamed about in an exquisite castle. She had a wonderful family and couldn’t be any happier, but one day, misfortune befell them.

Ten soldiers broke in through the door and drove the queen and king out. They made the bravest soldier the new king.

They didn’t know that the princess was sound asleep in her room.  She awakened to soldiers cornering her. They grabbed her waist and locked her in the nearest room they could find.

There were Medieval chairs and tables carved elegantly.

“Mom! Dad!” The princess called.

“Nobody here can assist you,” a voice growled from the throne. It was the new king.

“Where is my family!” The princess demanded.

“We drove them out, and you will be our slave. I am hungry, so I must leave,” he stated.

“I’m sure relieved that he’s gone,” a voice said ontop of a chandelier.

A black cat with glowing eyes sprang onto the solid floor.

“I may be of some assistance to saving your family, for I used to be a knight. Alas, your father turned me into the permanent form of a cat,” he offered.


To be continued….

Wind Makes Me…

Makes me shiver

Makes me cold

Makes me stressed

Makes me bold

Makes me struggle

Makes me scared

Makes my feet bare

Makes my hair a complete wreck

Makes things blow out of my hand,

Every small little item,

Every small little speck

Finally, I make my way there,

And I find that my pockets are completely bare!

The wind made everything disappear,

Every small little item,

Every small little tear

Recipe for Friendship

One cup of loyalty.

Two tablespoons of silliness.

Five cups of understanding.

Four teaspoons of giving.

Ten cups of kindness.

¾ cup of sharing

Spending quality time together throughout the year.

Doing almost anything to make your friendship stand tall.

Let it blossom and grow like the sun does to a flower.

Arguing is bitter weather that can tear your friendship apart like rough weather would to a flower.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Combine your ingredients in a pan and stir.

Spread your ingredients around, blending them together.

Pour it in a pan.

Put it in the oven for thirty minutes.

When it is done, sprinkle memories of times spent together on top like you would with sprinkles.

The Imperfect City

Long ago, in the dark forest, there lived a poor city in the forest. Citizens had little, and they barely had enough money to afford their necessities.

Their houses were small, but they had enough room.

This city was ruled by a powerful group called the Rough Ones. They lived on the better side of town in the mansions, but the ruler lived in a castle. Till this day, nobody knows his true name. He made rules that everyone had to follow, and the penalty of not following the rules was death.

Neal gazed at the huge mansions of the finest materials, comparing them to his tiny log cabin with his four brothers, his mom, and his dad inside.

Neal rushed home and ran up the rickety steps. It was 6pm. His mom worked for the Rough Ones, and his dad didn’t have a job. Since his mother didn’t earn a lot of money, Neal had to hunt every night. This night, he caught a deer, just large enough to feed his family.

After they ate, they had to go to sleep, for every midnight, guards came and locked them out of their houses until 6am.

Neal’s family longed to leave, but they weren’t permitted to leave. Another one of the government’s terrible rules.

They heard a knock at their door, and they knew that the soldier arrived.

They exited their house and stood out of the soldier’s way as he firmly locked the door. It was always a battle for shelter. His brothers always slept behind the bush while his parents slept behind the raspberry bush.

Neal wasn’t going to make the same mistake as he did last night when he sat on the grass with rain pounding his face. This time he raced into the woods and found a small cave to sleep in; it was just large enough for him.

Suddenly, he heard hasty footsteps. He heard twigs snap under feet. He heard leaves crunching. A burly man stepped in front of him and threatened to take his life if he wouldn’t give up the cave.

Neal wouldn’t give away his shelter, so the man drew his bow, which wasn’t the best weapon since he only had one arrow.Neal didn’t have any weapons, so the bow seemed dangerous. He tried to imagine a joyous place, but his thoughts flickered to the Rough Ones. He was furious! Every night was a battle! He was angry  at the man in front of him. He was infuriated and frustrated with the government, and he was just plain, old, mad!

He opened his eyes and looked down at a silver sword gleaming in his hand. How did it get here? Where did it come from? Why is it here?

While these thoughts whirled around in Neal’s head, the burly man ran in fear.

Neal couldn’t take it anymore! If his family weren’t going to escape, he was still going to. He ran to the gates and tried to climb them when he heard someone call his name. A group of four people with daggers, swords, and a countless amount of arrows charged at him.

He looked at them in horror, but then everything went black.

To be continued…

My Sister Is..

She’s lovable

She’s nice

She’s like sugar and spice

She’s happy

She’s sad

She’s just plain old mad

She’s loving

I hope she’s not shoving

She’s human


I smell the fresh air.

I feel the cool, tingling grass.

Nature is pretty.




Cool, bitter

Blowing, flying, soaring

I feel the fierce wind ruffling my hair.





Elegant, unique

Colorful, coordinating, nice

Leaves, nature, petals, stem

Lovely, fancy, different, a delight

One day, I will live in a house with lots of books,

and wow how great it will definitely look!

Beethoven would be proud,

Because the music will be loud,

and sound through the night.

Maybe I’d live in Germany,

Or maybe in Iran with lots of tea.

I could live in the crowded, unforgettable, hip New York City,

I know for sure that wouldn’t be a pity

For reckoning places, I could live on an island,

But I won’t ever be ragged and lonely since I’ll be in a band

and also because I’ll live with hundreds of thousands of cats!

I’ll also have lots of clothes and hats.

That triggers a thought,

I will have a nice yacht,

And the ghost of my child life will disappear

Into thin air as my life will be changed without repair.

Maybe my house will be red or blue,

And hopefully you will like it too

You will know me by my awesome wrath,

And also by my melodic laugh.



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