Colin W

Collin Wang

The Triumphant Escape of Shoppy the Elf

Once upon a time there was a king named William. He was a stubborn guy who put everyone who disrespected him into jail- even his own family! One day three little dwarfs and seven little elves were having dinner when they tuned in to the news. They saw that the eighth elf in their family was caught by King Will. The ten left planned to save him by letting the elves all make fun of King Will. The elves-Floppy, Sloppy, Hoppy, Toppy, Choppy, Poppy, and Ploppy were going to the castle to get thrown into the dungeon cell. The dwarfs would set up security cameras and look for an exit. The elves part worked easily. The dwarfs-Flipper, Slipper, and Clipper set up the cameras fairly easily also. Suddenly, the dwarfs saw a hex foil and told the elves to press it. The hex foil sent them to JumJupiter, the eighth planet. They were very angry it didn’t get them home but the elves were back together. They suddenly thought of the dwarfs that were left behind.

The elves were stuck. They could not think about anything to escape. Then Shoppy the eighth elf had an idea. He thought that if they kept trying to push different hex foils they could get home. You see Jumjupiter has a ton of hex foils. After about 2 hours, Floppy pushed one and it sent him back to the house. The dwarves were elated!

Flipper asked,”Where are the other elves?”

“I’ll go get them,” replied Floppy.

When Floppy returned to Jumjupiter he saw a curious sight. The elves were playing with a bear. They were having fun when Floppy came and distracted them.

Floppy shouted, “No time to play folks. I found the hex foil to our house!”

The elves said goodbye to the bear and went with Floppy. The elves and dwarfs lived happily ever after again.

The End

The Haunted Door

Arabelle was outside playing Pokemon GO when she saw a mysterious creature intrude into her house. She quickly went inside and went upstairs to google the creature. She realized it was the Purple Prince from Pluto. He was the strongest Prince in Pluto and had many skills such as teleporting. Then, one day he lost his powers. They were stolen by the Pink Prince of Pluto.  He had to rob several houses to get the powers back.  Arabelle’s house was the last one to be robbed.  She hurriedly went downstairs and saw the Prince stealing her house treasures like gold and silver.  She went for a sneak attack but missed.  Then the Prince noticed her and lunged with his sword.  Arabelle screamed!  “Arabelle Honey?” It was her mom.  She had heard her scream in the middle of the night. “I’m ok. It was just a dream. ”  Her mom left and she fell asleep again.  This time she didn’t have a nightmare.

The End

Voices in The Lumber Forest

Josie was looking at her phone when she didn’t see the colossal tree in front of her.  She bumped into it and realized she was in The Lumber Forest.  There were rumors that the forest contained many ghosts and witches.  It was real.  She started to hear voices.  She saw a bright light shining on her left.  She walked toward it and saw a witch stirring a pot of soup.  She said to Josie that she was a nice witch and there was an evil witch north of them.  When Josie turned north the kind witch grabbed her and put her into the soup.  Josie was tricked!  She was the evil witch.  Josie slowly burned.  Her last words were Nooooo!  Then Josie woke up sweating wildly in her bed.



I see a bird flying high,

Staring at me with its bright eyes,

I feel the tree’s rough bark,

Touching me in the dark,

I smell the scent of gasoline,

Fueling all the limousines,

I touch the smooth orange table,

On the table is one known fable,

I taste the very delicious dumpling,

Picnicking beside the oak tree sapling.

I Am


I am confident, mischievous, kind, and caring,

Brother of no one,

Lover of family, video games, and violin,

Who feels golf, water polo, and chess are fun,

Who needs family, friends, and books,

Who gives love, help, and laughter,

Who fears heights, wasps, and sharks,

Who would like to see Arlington National Cemetery,

The Grand Canyon, and Buckingham Palace,

Resident of Sewickley, PA, Markley Drive,



Things I Love

I love,

I love a lot of things,

A whole lot of things,



I like it when it sounds so great and loud,

When it does I feel so proud,


I like it when the ball flies far,

Flying through the air like a shooting star,


It tastes so crunchy and savory,

The treat is very flavory,


They treat you everyday so well,

They would be there if you fell,

Video Games,

It entertains you so well,

It’s very fun as everyone can tell,


It’s a very fun strategy game,

It may bring you some unexpected fame,


You will need it for good grades,

Or if you want to work at Scottrade,

I love,

I love a lot of things,

A whole lot of things.



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