Javier D

Javier Drahnak

Memory Manor

She woke up in a huge room with one thought escape.  She could not remember anything not even the way out.  She knew this place looked familiar but didn’t know why.  She was in a room with a huge ceiling that seemed to grow?!  Was she imagining it?  She went to a door and heard a voice inside. Counting? She tried to open it but it was locked.  She called out “Hello?”  “Yes,” said the strange voice that seemed to shift tone every second.  Which she could tell because every time he said a number while she wasn’t talking it changed!  She tried another door locked with the same voice inside.  “How do you move so fast?”  She asked.  “The real question is how don’t you?”  it replied.   And again started counting.  “Funny you should sit here and talk when before you were so frightened of me.”   She decided to go look at the hall.  It was huge, lined with door after door after door.  She felt like they were all locked.  She tried one “Just as I thought, locked.” And the voice replied,  “All but one for you are mouri. ”  Is that my name?” she asked.  “Not exactly it replied.”

 The Runnings

Today is the runnings hated that it is on a Friday the day that I was born and may possibly be a baby again.  Sadly though it’s also the day that Timothy turns 15.  The day he has to participate in the runnings.

The House of Horrors

I want to live in a house of horrors with

Strange mutant creatures coming out of

The Lazarus Pit in the basement.

I will run outside and respect the beauty of the world more

Than I would have.

As me and my friend run through the blazing sands of Madagascar,

The humid day will force us to go swimming and feel

The icy water between my toes.

Then we will go to my place and play flashlight tag but of course,

None of the lights work.

Frank will join us because he is the only

Monster who doesn’t mind the light.

Then, me, Frank and Mike will go into the Rainforest and

Play with the monkeys in the trees.

Saturn, the codex files will be there and the four of us

Will swing through the trees as

Fearless spacemen that have an interesting truth.

Then, when we are all tired out the monkeys

Will go to the front.

Me, Frank and Mike will drop in on the village going to

My house, we fall fast asleep.

There are strange creaking and moaning sounds

Beginning to sound all around me.

You will recognize me by my wild and crazy personality

And by my huge smile!


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