Gavin S

Gavin Smith

Six Word Story

U.S. Military never fails, terrorist do.


One day

One night

That’s what began the fight

Between dark

Between light

That’s what took away a sight

Of a dark knight

Death and life

Cut by a knife

Chosen to fight

By dark

By light.




The titan is giant

The titan is strong

You are wrong to think you are strong


To resist death miss death

Have the will to kill



It was a very humid day in the deserts of Afganistan and Koleve` Zaunte was walking through them. The heat was unbearable, Koleve`’s head felt heavy as he squinted into the distance.  Nothing but more sand he thought.


To be continued…





The Army Rangers are a special unit inside the U.S. ARMY that are trained for combat. Their training course is the 2nd hardest in the U.S. ARMY. They have fought in many wars and international conflicts such as Iraq in 2003.


The NAVY SEAL.’s are a special unit for the U.S. NAVY that consists of the most elite soldiers in the U.S. NAVY. They operate on sea, air and land. (mostly sea). They consist of 8 teams SEAL TEAMS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. SEAL TEAM 6 being the most elite of the 8 teams.



The U.S. ARMY Delta Force is a special unit in the U.S. ARMY that consists of the U.S. ARMY’s most elite special forces soldiers.



People say there are aliens but they don’t really know that.  People say there aren’t aliens but they don’t know that either.  This is the story of how we found out.  The astronauts had been In space for almost a year but they didn’t realize that they were in hibernation, a state in which the body could not age in the vacuum of space.  The trip would take a thousand years but they didn’t know that either.  On Earth they were monitoring the astronauts life support systems and 500 advanced computers that one should last for 75 years if he were on board so when one died another would take its place.  It was enough to last the trip there and back and even with extras for emergencies. To be continued…




it glows as it grows

It spits out flames as your life it claims

It burns and for fuel it yearns

Like you like me

For all eternity




He goes off to Afghanistan

with a gun in his hand

After he did his halo jump

he landed with a thump

He ran behind cover

right after another

They traveled through the jungle to the battlefield

to make the enemy yield

They went slowly and took their time

to make the terrorists pay for their crime

When they came home one soldier was dead

He died from an injury to his head

Everyone honored him that day

They said a word of praise

to the soldier who died for them.



One day I will live in a house in China.

I will also live in a house in the U.S.

I will meet Lebron James.


One day I joined the army.

The initiations were hard.

I had to run 10 miles and do

150 push-ups.

I had cammo as a uniform and was sent to Iraq.

I saw an inspector backing away with bitterness in his eyes.

He witnessed a murder so I decided to help him catch the guy.

I ran over to help when a bullet flew over my head.

I fell to the ground, waiting, while the guy got away.

You will know me by my red ketchup stained hand.




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