Gia B

Gia Booz

The Mystery Behind The Moon

As Sydney looked up to the sky, she saw the most beautiful, glazing moon shining from above.  Not just the moon sparkled, but also the bright stars that sat behind the moon.  She honestly couldn’t tell if they were stars or maybe, she didn’t think this could be true, but a project behind the moon?  Stars aren’t always the color of maybe, yellow jubilee?

Sydney thought she was losing her mind. It can’t be a project. But it could be? she thought.  She didn’t want to tell her mom about it because she probably would think she was sick.  Sydney didn’t want that to happen.  She really wanted to find out what it was.

All through the night, Sydney was tossing and turning.  She needed to know what it was.  Because she couldn’t sleep, she looked out her window and watched the auburn leaves fall to the ground.  That still didn’t help.  Sydney was still curious.  She decided to build a telescope that goes farther into the moon, so she could see what was going on.

Being as quiet as a mouse, Sydney tip-toed down the steps and into the basement.  Sydney loves to invent, so this would be a piece of cake for her.  She worked quite quickly and finished in fifteen minutes.  She was very proud of herself for doing that.  She took it outside onto the deck and set it up.  She zoomed in, and her jaw completely dropped.

She zoomed in closer and saw people DESTROYING the moon.  “How could this be?!” She panicked.  She had to tell her mom.  She had to!  PEOPLE WERE DESTROYING THE MOON!  She ran inside and jolted upstairs to tell her mom.  She jotted in and yelled, “MOM!  PEOPLE ARE DESTROYING THE MOON!”

“What are you talking about Sydney? It’s two o’clock in the morning.  Are you sick?  Why are you up?  You’re lucky you don’t have school.  Now go back to bed,” her mom stated.

“But mom I’m not kidding!  I built a telescope to look at it! People are destroying the moon! Please just come down!” Sydney begged.

“Fine, but I think you’re being foolish,’ her mom said.

They crept downstairs and onto the deck.  Sydney showed her mom the telescope and she looked through it.  “Oh my gosh!  People are really destroying the moon!” She yelled.

“I told you!” Sydney yelled.

“Grab my phone and bring it out,” her mom yelled.  Sydney brought it out and her mom dialed the number to call the police.  “I hope the police believe me.  I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you, Sydney.  I didn’t think this could be possible,” he mom said amazed.

“It’s ok mom.  I understand that you didn’t believe me.  Honestly if somebody told me that, I wouldn’t believe them either,” Sydney laughed.

Sydney’s mom called the police and they didn’t believe her either, but she was able to insist to them to coming to her house to look through the telescope to see people destroying the moon.  As they waited for the police, Sydney and her mom started talking about how this could’ve happened.  “Maybe they did it in a different state,” Sydney thought.

“Probably not because even though it could be in a different state, it probably would’ve been on the news.  Especially because it was a rocket launch and some people have been to spaced before, but not many people.  SO we probably would have found out about it on the news,” her mom replied.

“Or it could be in a different country and we didn’t know about it,” Sydney answered.

“That could be true,” her mom replied.  They sat and talked until the police arrived.

Finally, the police arrived to their house.  The ladies directed the police to the back deck and showed them the telescope.

“Please look through this telescope,” Sydney directed.

“I hate to say this, but I think we were wrong,” one of the police stated, “Chris come here and look this telescope,” the police officer stated.  As Chris looked through the telescope, his jaw also dropped.

“Oh my gosh! They weren’t lying! People are really destroying the moon!” Chris stated.

“We told you!” Sydney and her mom said in unison.

“We have to tell this to the chief and quickly.  This is a different situation than usual, but it must be stopped,” Chris stated acting like a hero.

The police officers headed back to the station and had to make a plan about what they were going to do about this unusual situation.  “Who would do something like that? How was this planned?  When was this planned?” Were the questions asked by fellow police officers at the meeting.

“How are we going to stop this?” Chris asked.

“But I do know that maybe a few of us could train to be an astronaut and go up to outer space, bring down the people and arrest them,” an idea passed by the chief.

“This may sound like a simple plan, but I know it’s going to be harder than it sounds,” one police officer pointed out.

“That’s our game plan and we’re sticking to it,” the chief stated, “but which one of you will go to the moon?” The chief asked.

“I volunteer to go,” a police officer named Rob said boldly.

“I also volunteer to go,” Sam also said boldly but loud.  Sam was very quiet so it was strange to hear the loud voice of an elephant rather than hearing the quiet voice of a mouse.  It was decided that Rob and Sam were going to the moon to stop this commotion that was going on.  The police didn’t want to tell the town because they didn’t want anyone to be worried, anxious, or even preoccupied.

Two days later, Rob and Sam were finally getting ready to go to the moon.  “This is going to be a different activity done on a daily basis,” Sam joked.    In three minutes, they would be launched into outer space to stop people from destroying the moon.   Three minutes felt like one second.

“3, 2, 1!” The team yelled.

“And they’re out!” The chief yelled.

Two days went by, and the officers were home with the bad guys.    They didn’t do too much damage to the moon which was good, but they messed with the moon.  Ever since then, nobody messed with the moon.  The police officers never ended up telling the town about the whole incident!


Wind howls through the day,

Stars shine brightly in the night,

Nature is everywhere.

I am Gia,

I am athletic, loving, silly, and ticklish,

I am the daughter of Josh and Alicia.  I am also the older sister to Noah and Vincent,

I am a lover of softball, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and steak,

I am one who needs family, friends, and love,

I am one who gives love, laughter, and kindness,

I am one who is scared of elevators, horror movies, and snakes,

I am one who wants to see Italy, California, and New York City,

I am a resident of Pittsburgh and live on Wynne Ave,

I am a Booz.



round, green,

Thrown, caught, dropped,

It is used for a sport,


Recipe to a Good Friendship

1.Mix ¾ laughter and 5 cups of joy in a bowl.

2.Add ¼ teaspoon of arguments to the bowl of laughter and joy.

3.Mix laughter, joy, and arguments together.

4.Spray a pan with togetherness

5.Mix ¾ cup of love, ¼ pinch of sleepovers, and ¼ tablespoon of smiling together in a bowl.

6.Spread the love, sleepover, and smiling dough onto the pan.

7.Bake the cake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

8.Take the cake out of the oven.

9.Spread the laughter, joy, and arguments icing on top of the cake.

10.Serve to a friend and enjoy a good friend relationship!

Things That I love

I love,

I love a lot of things,

I love a whole lot of things,

Like playing the game of softball,

but also crumpling the leaves in the fall.

I like a nice, juicy steak,

And also Jennie Finch,

but I can’t forget that I love to bake!

I love popsicles in the hot summer,

but in the winter, snuggling with my mother.

I love my family with my dear heart,

nothing could ever tear us apart!

I love my toes in the warm sand,

while listening to a Jamaican band.

Finally, I love my amazing friends,

With them, the fun never ends!

I love,

I love a lot of things,

A whole lot of things.




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