Jordana J

Jordana Javid

The Time Law

I was in my bedroom the day it happened.  When I opened the box that somehow appeared on my nightstand, I collapsed.  I suddenly felt myself being pulled by gravity through what seemed to be a wormhole.  I remember seeing different points in time as I was being pulled through that wormhole.  I saw the past I saw the present even the future.  That’s when everything went black.


I woke up on a bed that felt like a cloud. I was in a white room with very advanced looking technology. “Good morning Ms. Tyler.”  said a robotic sounding voice. “AHH! Who said that?!”  I screamed in terror.  “I did,”  the robotic voice said.  “And how do you know my name…” I said.   ” I know everyone’s name. But your name Grace Tyler I would know by default of course.”  The voice said as if she knew something. “What do you mean you would know my name by default?”  I asked.  “Grace Tyler, your Great Grandson created me.” she said.  “My Great Grandson??  How is that even possible?!”  I said fearfully.  “Grace Tyler it is the year 2116.  I am created to only speak the truth.”  The robot said sounding awfully innocent. “If you are telling the truth and it really is 2116… Then I time traveled. I am from the year 2016.”  I said in shock.  “Grace, it is time to go to your choosing.”  The voice said. “My choosing what is that?”  I said a little bit scared.  “You are asking too many questions. It is time to go.”  She said rather creepily.  The artificial intelligence who was nowhere to be seen, stuck out a syringe and put it in me.


When I woke up, I was handcuffed to a chair in what I think was a courtroom.  There were hundreds of rows of seats and I watched as thousands of people came in and sat down as if this were a sports game or a concert.  The judge or who I thought was a judge finally sat down. “Hello everyone today we have all gathered for the choosing of Grace Tyler.”  The judge said.  I heard gasps from the crowd and people asking other people if they knew who I was. “If you all are wondering what Grace Tyler has done wrong to deserve a choosing assembly, for she has broken the laws of time.  She has come from a whole other era!  She has come from 2016!”  He said this almost like he was enjoying himself.  The crowd booed this time.  “Well Grace if you want even the slightest chance to live, tell us how you got here.”  He said as if he wanted me to die.  “I-I don’t remember…” I said scared. “First the girl breaks the laws of time!  Then she LIES!”


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