Matthias W

A Small Bird’s Journey

Matthias Wiezorek

A small bird is flying over a grassy meadow.  The bird flies over a forest with trees that have bark colored in timber brown.  The bird flies over a chilly, blue colored lake.  Rocks are  lining the edge of the lake.  Reeds and lily pads are spread across the water.  Then,  the bird passes over an inferno.  It flies away at a very fast speed.  Then,  finally, the bird returns home to its nest in the luscious, cool meadow.

A Small Bird’s Journey – Six Word Version

Bird soaring, luscious locations, small bird



A monk is sitting in a meadow with no grass.  This monk is writing a story about another monk.  This monk is sitting in a meadow with light green and dark green grass.  This monk is also writing a story.  This story is about a monk sitting in a meadow with chilly blue pools of water.  This monk is writing a story. This story is also about a monk.  This monk is sitting in a dried out Meadow with temperatures only an inferno would have.  This monk is writing a story about a monk sitting in a forest with green grass and trees with bark in shades of timber brown.  This monk is writing about a monk sitting on a rock at the edge of a lake. This monk is writing about a monk sitting on the edge of a volcano.  This monk is writing a story about me, a human, writing about the very first monk.



How Brian Became a Spirit

One nice sunny day in a parallel universe, a child was sitting in the corner of the playground at recess.  Brian was isolated because of his two extra fingers on his left hand, and an extra row of teeth on the top.  He tried to make friends with new kids, but they, like everyone else, considered him a degenerate.  That day,  at home while he was eating dinner, he noticed his skin getting wrinkly.  He was taken to a hospital and was told he was aging over ten times more quickly than normal.  After a while of napping, Brian noticed he was staring at his body.  He could fly too.  Thus ends the tale of how Brian became a spirit.

An excerpt from “The Adventures of Brian the Spirit.”

A Monk Is Sitting (Haiku)


A monk is sitting,

Meditating, one could say,

Either way in peace.

Death, The Poem




Simplified Chinese











I am thoughtful, cheerful, and smart.

I am the brother of Anna Wiezorek.

I am a lover of chartreuse, wildlife, and my pets.

I am one who feels pets are necessary, wildlife is interesting, and playing music is fun.

I am one who needs a laptop, coding software, and a large, puffy, Pusheen plush.

I am one who sometimes gives food to my sister, love to my parents, and a good life to my cat.

I am one who fears breaking bones, really high heights, and bad viruses. (Computer and Body)

I am one who would like to see Germany properly, France, and England.

I am one who is a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, Buena Vista street.


Going Soon

Chapter. 1: My, Mostly, Backstory

My name is Eight.  My servant name.  I’m an abused servant. Really, I’m lucky because everyone else has to fight for food, shelter, and small amounts of sleep.  Food is only available every four days.  You can’t take the food wrapping because it disintegrates after one day and it’ll rot after a few minutes. These rulers here are almost completely mindless.  We,  the servants,  even think for them most of the time!  I just want to escape this wasteland… I live in the only building still standing in the ruins of a futuristic city-The Owners’ building.  I live in a decent room and get fed every other day since I’m a high ranking servant.  I have a birth defect that lets me take my bones right out of their sockets.  Good for escaping if you ask me.  Anyways,  The Owners have a machine that can generate any item. That’s how food works.  They also have various other tech items.  So, right now I don’t have an escape plan, but I have a friend named Seventeen (his servant name) helping me with one.  We’re using three maps.  One showing the whole “city”, another showing the wastelands, and another showing The Owner’s building.

We’re thinking of breaking out during our rest time (same time for each of us) starting on a food drop night after one of the days when we get fed.  (Once again the same day for us.)  Oh, wait, Seventeen, did I mention the sentries?

“Nope, but basically they burn you to death instantly with lasers,” Seventeen explained “helpfully”.  They also have auto targeting systems that make the lasers follow you.  It’s not so bad when you’re both partly trained spies and your first lesson was on sentries.  So we’ll sneak out some small daggers and knives and get some food and shelter the day we escape.   Then, we’ll collect wood and other small metal scraps so the electricity doesn’t flow through out tower to go over the border. It’s 75 feet tall, so this will be challenging, but now, Seventeen, begins The Great Escape.



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