Mark H

Mark Harris

The Vine

“Meet me at the  high school.”  She anxiously texted her friend.  She added, “Wear black.”  She took off. When she got there she climbed a lonely tree sitting outside out of the school.  She waited for any figure of Mare, when she got there she climbed the tree to join her.  She opened her mouth to talk,  but only intense screaming came out as a cypress vine wrapped around her, but squeezed her stomach and she turned extreme yellow.  The vine dragged her to the ground, then went up, her screaming taunted her friend something she surely wouldn’t forget.

 1 Week Later

She tied the lace in her black dress slowly, her mom hugged her, they slowly walked to the car her mom turned down the radio, it was not a day to listen to music. When they got there Laurel Garland lined the room.  Mare’s mom held her tissue box close. A black box was sealed no one went near it.


Blood oozed out. She screamed. The wolf attacked, ambulance sirens blared. Soon she was unconscious. The ambulance was too late.

Isabella: the Phoenix

Her legs make an upside down L

They flare like light when she dances

She comes alive,

Isabella: the Phoenix

Emerald Legacy

I walk slowly into my grand dining room, it feels like ages since I was last in here, ever since I moved away. Romero our servant seats me, he places a Caprese Salad in front of me. I eat it slowly waiting for my parents. Did they cancel? Romero came out with a dish as he placed it down, he removed the lid. There was a note it read: in the eye of the room it appears you are much closer.

 Lady of the Night

It was cold, dark, and lonely.  I waited patiently for him.  He guaranteed I’ll be Hollywood’ next “big thing.”  When he pulled up he rolled down his window and popped his loud gum, indicating for me to get in.  I got in and slowly sat down. I pulled my suitcase over my lap.  We got to California, he checked into our motel room.  He told me to get some rest it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.

Ways to Die

Car crash,












Organ Failure,






Lung Failure,





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