Maeve M

Maeve Miller


“My name is Molly”, I say to the ticket counter person laying my money in the space between us.  My name is Molly as you just saw me say. I’m am on a trip in Arizona and currently I am staying in a motel on the east side of Sedona valley.  Anyway, enough about me let’s get back to the story I’m trying to tell. So when I got up to room 301 I placed my stuff down on the  bed.  I sat down on the couch and  turned on the T.V. My moment of happiness was ruined by this guy named  Fred running into my room and saying, “Out, out, there has been an emergency, out!” I got off the couch and started running out of the room when I accidentally ran into a wall. I looked up and I had bumped into what looked like an X with two lines going through it. I had not noticed it before. Suddenly, I was yanked upward and dropped violently on the ground. Okay now this story is taking a totally different turn, so lets start with a new beginning. Let us start with… Once upon a time, That’s right folks! I was laying on the floor of a castle. The castle was made of beautiful stone with soft red carpeting and the curtains were made of red silk with gold trimmings; they were beautiful. As I lay there thinking how much this castle would cost, I remembered my current situation, where was I? As I lay there thinking I hear voices coming from down the hall. I did the only thing a creature of my intelligence would do, I played dead. ( I am a human by the way.) So as I am laying there I open my eyes just a crack and look up. What do I see you ask? Well I see a really good-looking guy with black hair and green  eyes and a crown and what looked like his servants or something were crowding around me and wait, hold on…  were they saying something?  Yes, he was saying something, he  was saying this, “Yeah she is definitely  a villager no doubt about it probably part of a poor family too.” “Excuse me?” I asked in a stern voice. ” um, You do not talk to Prince Albert like that!” The prince said. ” “I just did”, I replied feeling witty. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you not understand me? I said that you do not talk to Prince Albert like that!, and where did you get your clothes?”  “They’re my pajamas”  “Oh” he said with dignity. ” Let’s take you to a room.” “Okay? Why would you do that?” “Courtesy of the king.” He said staring out the frost covered window and into the White City beyond. His servants took me to my room.

As I lay down on the bed I fall asleep. When I woke up the T.V was still on and I’m back in the mint smelling motel room. “What a weird dream I say to myself. “Out, Out  there has been an emergency! Out!” I hear Fred screaming. I run out of the room being careful not to touch where the strange marking was in my dream. I run out of the room and…

To be continued


 Ways My Brother is Annoying!

He bites

He kicks

He yells and screams,

I’m sure he’s going to kill me!

He knocks down my favorite toy my dolly, Joy!

He screams again!

Oh, Lord my head!

I have a migraine

I have an ache

How much longer until I break?!

How could I love such an, EEK

There’s something in the sink!

My brother trips me!

He’s going to kill me!

Now, my words aren’t sounding right I think I might just cry!

I need to go to bed!

“Will you be my friend?”

My brothers says.


At the Top of the Cathedral


High as the sky,

Free as the wind,

People like ants,

And me like a bird

O, at the top of the cathedral

The blue sky like the Ocean,

So hard to reach,

O, at the top of the cathedral

I know this feeling won’t last forever

So now is fine if forever can’t stay

At the top of the cathedral

O the top of the cathedral.


Sweet Child of May

I was on a field trip to the park near the Cathedral and had an idea of asking strangers to contribute one word so I could make a found poem. David and I  went and asked the strangers and I made up a poem from the words they gave me.

Shine your brightest through the day,

Smile and light up the day,

Grace is upon you sweet child of May,

Have fun on your way through the hypotenuse of life sweet child of May.

I will list all my love for you sweet child of May.

You make music with nature sweet child of May.

You cling to the giraffe’s long neck not wanting to let go sweet child of May.

I am anxious to see you grow up sweet child of May.

The Butterfly’s wings are like you, small, fragile, beautiful, sweet child of May.

I have a torrential love for you sweet child of May.

You hide in the blue and white curtains as we play hide and seek, sweet child of May.

You are so ravenous all the time sweet child of May.

As we close your story book you say,

“I love you sweet child of February!”

Your warm smile widens as you hug me

sweet child of May.


Recipe for Making an Enemy

1 cup of annoying

½ tsp. Being mean

2 cups of hatred

½ tbsp. Wounds

2 cups of sternness

8 cups of kids or people

1 area

1 small room

1 cup of yelling

2 pinches of madness

10 cups of fighting



  1. Choose the area and pour in 8 cups of kids
  2. Pour in 1 cup of annoying and mix
  3. Fold in 2 cups of sternness
  4. Sprinkle in 10 cups of fighting
  5. Mix in ½ cup of being mean
  6. Place contents in the corner of a small room
  7. Slowly mix in ½ cup of wounds
  8. Toss in two pinches of madness
  9. Blend until you hear screaming
  10. Bake for 2 hours and watch the craziness unfold
  11. When ready, set on the table to cool
  12. Add a dash of yelling.
  13. Tell people they are your special brownies


Watch the madness unfold!!!



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