Alex F


A Compilation of Jokes

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Winnie the

Winnie the who?

Not Winnie the who, Winnie the Pooh!



Why do seagulls fly by the sea?

Because it doesn’t want to be a bagel!  Man, I’m having some serious Déjà vu right now


A Completion of Jokes (Continued)


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well, since a woodchuck can’t chuck wood, then why is it even called a woodchuck?


Fuzzywuzzy was a bear.  Fuzzywuzzy had no hair.  If Fuzzywuzzy had no hair, then why is he called Fuzzywuzzy.

The Stuff Night Casino Breakout

Derek sat at the back of his cell.  He could almost taste the dew dripping from the ceiling.  He could see the ladder, just 20 feet away from him, but he was blocked by the cold and rusty iron bar door, only unlockable by the key around the dreadful Harvey’s neck.  He looked around at his cellmates.  Tommy,  Jack,  and Sam had all the same thought in taking down these different casinos, but all had failed.  They,  including himself,  were all stupid enough to try to take the almighty Schwampter down themselves.  He could only hope that someone would come along and defeat Schwampter, but he knew now not to get his hopes up.  He heard the bell sound.  He heard growls, roars, and shrieks of terror.  The fabric fell upon him, and it wasn’t Schwampter’s.  Another one down.  Another tally on the board.  Another day of confinement.

Julie had been traveling for days on end.  The cage she held swayed with her every step.  In the cage contained the best champion she had.  Of course this one would be underestimated, but if the rumors were true, then this casino master would do anything for money, even losing entertainment.  At these casinos, champs battle to the death and the champ master whose champ wins, gets the money that the audience bets.  She arrived at the casino, a small black shack that could easily be mistaken for a tool shed.  She had a way of doing things that made her different from the rest of people who challenge these casinos.  Like usual, she came in  with her cage in hand, but unlike most people, she kept it hidden.


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