Eliana R


The Heart of Heinz Chapel

After I take a quick walk around the Heinz Chapel fence,

I stand in awe, before the chapel’s amazing, tall presence,

It’s incredibly sharp colors- black, red, and white,

Help it stand out, with power and might,

I stand before two sets of double doors,

Which I then stroll through, hoping for an excellent tour,

When I take my first step into the Chapel’s essence,

I hear a grand organ humming- soft, yet intense,

The second thing I notice is a bright, vibrant stained glass window,

How much we can learn and be inspired by it, I was soon to know,

The symmetrical attribute of this place,

Gives off a peaceful and calm feeling to the human race,

The themes found in the windows include truth, hope, and justice,

Which are important words that no one should overlook or miss,

So on this day,

I have much to feel and say,

For the chapel can comfort, inspire, teach,

Inside and outside, there is a sense of peace, as far as the eye and heart can reach.

The Creek

The path to the creek was long and tiring,

However, we have made it


Through the big woods and over the damp leaves,

Finally, we have made it


The bright green caterpillar powerfully bursts out of it’s cocoon,

The now beautiful butterfly has made it!


The baby bird, first taking flight, using the wind to guide it, arrives home safely, after it’s journey,

Happy that it has made it


The family of earthworms, safely underground, tremble as a hawk swoops down,

They put up a fight in the earth so brown,

And they, too, have made it


Across the fallen trees and leaping over big spiders,

Thank goodness, we have made it


Trekking through the sinking mud and running, running, running,

We have actually made it!


The cool water is up ahead, keep up a little longer,

We used to wonder if we would make it


But here we are, at the creek,

Yes! We are glad we have made it!


The birds all chirp in a chorus of sound,

And the butterfly rejoices as it flutters in circles, around and around


The soft pebbles, smoothed out by the water,

Massaged our feet, as we fell, laughed, teetered and tottered,


The frogs croaked and bellowed, on big rocks in the sun,

The clear water glistened, for a creek like this, there is only one


Perseverance and will were the keys to our success,

We would not be here, if we had given any less


Mother nature’s wonderful creatures all come together, like never before,

They open new windows, they open new doors


Doors to the future, the present, the past,

For we have reached the creek, at last!


But we now need to take our focus off of the present,

And remember the swaying leaves on the trees, as we went


Don’t forget about the past,

For the memories of it will always last


What matters not is making it to the creek,

For the experience was the peak


And now comes the end to the adventure we will remember for eternity,

For it was never about the destination, it was about the journey


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