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Steinouer,Sam6-7Where Socks Go When They Get Lost

On the second Saturday of summer, 11 year old Max was helping his twin sister Jane take the laundry down to the washing machine in the basement when Max bumped into a wall and a sock fell out of his laundry basket and down the stairs.  When Max got to the bottom of the stairs the sock was gone!

Max yelled, “It’s  gone!”

“Socks can’t just get up and walk away, can they?” asked Jane.

“No, they can’t.”  declared Max.

“Or can they?”  Jane questioned.

“Seriously, can they?” she repeated.

“For the last time, they can’t! ” Max screamed.

I think I’m safe, said Dan, the sock that had fallen out of the laundry basket.  He was hiding behind a doorway and was waiting for Max and Jane to go away.

“I think the sock is lost,” said Jane. “Whose sock was that, anyway?”                                             “I think it was mine,” Max announced.

I have to go back for my sister and partner, Zoey, Dan thought to himself. Then we can finally go home.

Never before had Dan felt such a rush of energy in his life, and never before had he felt a rush of fear at the same time. He couldn’t believe he was actually going home after this rescue mission.

Okay, step one was getting upstairs without being spotted. This was hard, but he managed to do so by getting on top of the dog.

Step two was easy-ish: he had to get into Max and Jane’s room, but because he was a sock, he easily slipped through that little crack we all have at the top and bottom of our doors. (I wonder if that was on purpose, or if it was an accident…but back to the story).

Step three was get to the sock drawer, which was the middle shelf of the dresser. This was hard, but luckily Max and Zoey had a lot of magazines and comics. Socks are a lot stronger than you might think. They’re not too strong, but they are strong enough to  hold a 100-page book. Dan grabbed a few short books (each around 50 to 75 pages) and started stacking them. He had to use about ten short books to reach the height of the middle drawer.

Once he was at the middle drawer, he pulled on the knob. After that, he climbed up and saw his sister on top of the pile. She was asleep, so Dan jumped in the drawer, but not without putting a book in the way so that nobody could close the drawer.

“Zoey, wake up!”  shouted Dan.

“What are you doing here?” asked Zoey.

“This is a rescue mission,” said Dan.

“Come on, we have to get out of here! Quick!…through the door!”

As Dan and Zoey escaped the bedroom, they grabbed a magazine. Now you might ask: why would they need a magazine?  Well, you see, the floors had just been waxed, so Dan and Zoey used the magazine as a sled to get down the stairs and around the corner. They flew through the hall and took another turn down the stairs that led to the basement. They jumped off the magazine and went through the open door.

“Only one more step and then we’re home!” said Dan.

“So, what now?”  asked Zoey. Zoey never really knew how to get to Socklandia , the secret home of all socks.

“I am just saying it involves a sewer,”  said Dan.

So as Dan and Zoey skillfully fit into those tiny holes in the sewer grate (again, created on purpose or by accident?) but anyways, they dropped in and saw a swirly rainbow wall.

“Through there,” said Dan. They walked over and jumped through the portal. Dan had landed with a thump. Zoey on the other hand landed on a pillow.

Socklandia was a colorful place with socks of all colors and sizes.  No two pairs of socks were the same. Dan was blue instead of white, and pink instead of gray. Zoey was the opposite, pink instead of white, and blue instead of gray.  Socklandia was a place far, far into the sky.  The reason nobody knows it exists is because it has an invisible barrier on the outside. The barrier is also invincible.

So now you know where all socks go when they get lost.  Don’t go searching because you will never, ever find it…ever.

So I guess there is no point for me to continue, so remember: Just keep writing.

Ok, the truth is I fell asleep at the end.

Sky City

If you ride a plane above Pittsburgh then you will see the city in the sky.  The island has no shadow and has no name, but the people call it Sky City. You can’t build or change anything in the city…ever. At night, creatures run loose in the city and kill anyone in their path. Only those who look for the city will truly find it.


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