Sophie S

Shao,Sophie6-7The Rainbow Before The Rain 

Inspired by The “Randomness” activity

Kody ran upstairs as fast as he could.

Fire blazed behind him. He could hear his parents screaming for him to come back out, but he couldn’t. His white Koi fish, Dale, was trapped in his fish bowl on Kody’s desk. He had to save Dale.

He reached the top and glanced behind him, which was a big mistake. He stayed frozen in terror when he saw the destruction. All he saw were red and orange flames that blocked the view of the front door. To the left of Kody, the living room quickly turned to rubble in front of him. To the right, the kitchen was already gone, except for the oven, which was half-way burned to the ground with a strong scent of burnt meatloaf. Kody hadn’t realized his pants were on fire until he felt the hot sting. He snapped out of the trance and hurried to his room.

He opened the door and was relieved when he saw Dale peacefully swimming in his fish tank. He plopped on his bed, exhausted, watching Dale in relief. He stayed there until he heard crackling behind the door. He quickly picked Dale’s fish tank up, but it was too heavy. He looked around his room. He saw a bowl full of gum. He dumped the gum out and replaced it with water. Dale fell in, and instantly he  started to struggle. He jumped up and down while splashing water everywhere. That wasn’t good.

Kody couldn’t waste any more time. He grabbed the nearest object on his desk. He had grabbed a teacup.

“That wasn’t there before,” Kody thought.

He dumped the water along with Dale into the teacup. Surprisingly, Dale didn’t struggle even though his head was half-way out of the water. The fire kicked down the door and spread quickly. Kody picked up the teacup and ran to the window. He didn’t look down and he jumped. He landed steadily on the ground with Dale in the teacup still, but water had spilled when Kody landed and Dale didn’t have much water left. Kody’s bedroom, along with his cozy small house, were in flames.

Kody had two choices. First, go around the house to his parents and let Dale die, or go into the forest that was right in front of him to find a pond or river to save Dale.

Kody chose choice two.

He ran into the forest and right when he stepped into it, he felt a force pushing behind him. After the second step, Kody found himself in the heart of the forest. A pond in the middle with fog blocking the other side and tall trees surrounded him.

“Oh God, how am I supposed to get back home!” Kody panicked, but he realized he had no home. It was just Kody and Dale alone in the forest.

Kody almost forgot about Dale. He wondered why he had entered the forest in the first place….right…to save Dale.

Kody released Dale into the pond. He thought he saw a golden sparkle in the water, but he knew he was hallucinating. The fire had made him dizzy and tired.

He didn’t realize how thirsty he was. He got a handful of water and drank. He splashed water on his face and soon enough, he had closed his eyes.

He thought it was morning when he woke up, but the light didn’t come from the sun and the sky was full of dark clouds. The light showed different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Kody stood up hazily, his vision blurry from the light.

“How long was I asleep?,” Kody thought.”Where am I?”

All Kody remembered was a fire. Why had he gone into it? He should’ve stayed outside where help would come. There had to be a reason.

Below him, Dale swam deep under the water, searching for his mate. The black Koi was hard to find in the darkness, but she came out calm like she was expecting him.

Together, they swam to the top where the rainbow started. They formed into a circle. The Yin Yang had done its job. The rainbow disappeared and the rain rolled in.

Kody saw the light disappear. Rain started to pour and Kody saw the two Koi fish disappearing under the water. Before he knew it, he could hear his parents screaming for him. He ran towards the voices. He jumped into his parent’s arms.

“Thank goodness!,” exclaimed Kody’s mom.

Together, they walked back to the burned house with firefighters and police all around, but their hoses weren’t on. The rain had done all the work…or had it?

Opportunity For Women

Inspired by Found Poetry

Women have an opportunity to talk,

to get appreciation for what it takes to represent championship.

Criticism is not equal for women, because we are special.



The Curse of Treetop Village

Inspired by the “Randomness” activity


Never get Jewel angry. Never talk behind her back. Never steal her food or toys. Never scare her or your end comes soon.

10 year old Jewel never intended to have magical eyelashes, or turn people into jewels when she got angry, or be 12 inches tall. All her neighbors moved because of her. The population of High Treetop Village has decreased since Billy the Bully turned into a piece of raw amber. The elves try to go down to earth, but their appearance drives them back to High Treetop Village. Some never came back. Most of the elves think they were eaten by bears.

But today, Jewel gets banished from High Treetop Village. She goes down the wooden stairs that lead to Earth. No one says good-bye. The elves start to whisper behind her back. Jewel starts to get angry with the “murmur-murmur”. Suddenly, she turns around extremely angry, but the elf she was mad at the most, was the leader who had banished her. Everyone stops whispering and they look at Jewel anxiously, waiting for someone to disappear. They didn’t dare move. Jewel makes eye contact with the leader named Norman. He takes a big breath and he turns into a diamond. Everyone goes into chaos.

A woman screamed,”she should’ve taken me instead, now we don’t have a leader!”

Soon, everyone was in their houses, silent, like Jewel was going to get them too.

Instead, Jewel ran down the stairs as fast as she could, crying. Her father was dead.


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