Anna D

Delale, Anna 2

Double Haiku

Blue patches of noon –

Like playing games with water

Beautiful, blue days.


Sun, up in the sky

Green grass grows on the dirt ground

The sun is far away.



Chapter 1

I frowned. Hagrid had just asked me to come meet HARRY POTTER?  I wasn’t so excited about the location, though.  An old shack?  Really?  Harry Potter should have a luxurious life.  But a shack?  That didn’t fit.  Of course my dad, Severus Snape, said NO WAY. I looked up at Hagrid’s hopeful face, looming over mine.  I muttered “What should I say? Yes?  No?” to myself.

Hagrid looked down at me hopefully. “You’ll go?”

Oh, no!  I thought. Hagrid will be extremely sad if I say No.  “Give me some time to think, please.” I replied.  (Lily thought poorly of normal or badly built buildings.) I wasn’t sure. I really did want to meet the one and only Harry Potter, but I certainly wouldn’t want to go to a shack on a rock in the sea! I sighed.     “Hagrid, I –”

At that moment, Dad buzzed in, so I couldn’t finish my sentence. “You will absolutely NOT GO!” he demanded.

I knew I was in BIG trouble. “Look, Dad, I’m 11!  Old enough to make my own decisions.”

“Hmph, fine!” he said, and left the room.

When he left, I said, “Hagrid, I’d – um – love to go!” His eyes brightened. I packed up, and we were ready to go.


Chapter 2

Hagrid rowed the boat that we rented across a stormy sea. (Fine, it was a lake.) Once we finally got across, I was shivering from the cold. We had arrived at a tiny, dilapidated shack. Oh, man! I thought. I really wasn’t sure about this. I mean, a rocky island and a tiny shack?

Hagrid didn’t even knock; he just broke into the shack. There were 4 people: 2 adults (Mr. & Mrs. Dursley), and 2 boys (Harry Potter and ?) I didn’t like the Dursleys, but Harry Potter was at least obviously the boy on the couch, not the one on the floor.

Okay, fine, I was wrong. The boy on the couch was Dudley Dursley. (I’m calling HIM Pigboy.) As Hagrid SHOUTED at the Dursleys (I really need to teach him some manners, I guess), I tried to talk to Harry Potter.

We were both shy, so it didn’t go so well. I started. “Um, I’m, err…”

He went next. “Urr, hi?”

I sighed. I couldn’t talk to Harry Potter. Oh well, he wasn’t really shy. He offered me one of Hagrid’s sausages. I declined. He immediately resumed being shy. Would I ever get him to talk to me?


Chapter 3

King’s Cross. My first REAL year of Hogwarts! Harry was going too. Maybe I’d befriend him there. Dad was against it. I really didn’t care though. I’d obviously impress him with the highest grade in potions class, which I knew I would get.

Finally, King’s Cross! I skipped most of the way. We zoomed there on our brooms, Dad scowling as he went. We made our way into the station. As we got in line for Platform 9 ¾, I saw Harry Potter. He looked lost and alone. I waved at him. Then a red-headed woman waved at him as well. Guess whom he noticed? Not me! I glared at him secretly.

I looked closely at the woman, and I knew who she was. Mrs. Weasley. Hmph. And she kept talking to him. So, obviously, when the scarlet-and-coal-black engine came and stopped for us, he got on and sat with the Weasley kid, Ron.

Another first year, Draco Malfoy, waved me over, clearly thinking it was cool that I was Snape’s daughter. He had two goons with him, Crabbe and Goyle. When I declined, his face fell. “My dad will be…” he mumbled sadly.

I sat in a compartment with a girl who had long curly hair. She announced herself as Hermione Granger. I told her that I was Lily Snape. We had a good long conversation about Hogwarts: A History, agreeing that it’s an interesting and important book.






Silver is shining,

your spoon when you’re dining.

Silver is clean

sparkles with sheen

Silver is white

but shiny and bright

Silver and gold

metals – new and old.




Frog with Pearls 


Green box, gold box.

What is inside me?

Frog jumps, pearl bumps.

Ruby red eyes

I can’t look away

at any time of day.

People with old clothes, and diamonds in their hair

stand around me, trying to stare.

I really wish I could get some rest

But everyone looks at me, saying I am best.

Frog jumps, pearl bumps

yet you want to see

the mysterious thing

that’s inside of me.

It’s not really riches, gold or jewels;

it’s a little green pin that says, “Frogs rule.”



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