Anushka P

Patil, AnushkaUntitled #1

It was terrible. She was only 12 when her parents died in a car accident. Only she had survived. But she had passed out. When she came to, she waited outside of the car for someone to come. But no one did.  Finally, a man in a green truck. ” I saw the whole thing, kid,” he said. ” The two cars crashed, and you were in one of them.” The girl looked back at the car, burnt. ” What happened next?” She asked. ” Oh, well,” the man said. ” I didn’t see the rest, ’cause Jimmy won $2000 being the only one able to lick his elbow.” The little girl was mad at the man for being so careless. ” Then when you looked back?” She asked. ” Well, the car was now not on fire.” She knew she had no chance of survival. She switched to horrible life of robbery and murder. After only one month of this horrific life, the police were already after her. But they never found her. She was only twelve so she could easily blend in with the population of innocent young children.


At the tender age of 15 she had started smoking cigarettes and taking drugs. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. She never healed. At age 19 she had gotten help from a serial killer named Joseph. He stole letters from people and gave them to her to track them down and kill them.


One day, in the newspaper, the headline news was a lady, age of 50 confessed she rigged a car accident killing two people, Michelle and Brad, because she was mentally disturbed. After hearing this, she immediately had the intention of killing someone. And that someone was that woman. For Michelle and Brad were her parents.

She paid Joseph $200,000.00 to steal the lady’s schedule. Bingo. She goes to the coffee shop at 9:00 A.M. The girl had five minutes to get there before the lady got there. She sat at a table just in time. The lady sat at the table, the same one the girl was sitting at.

“I had a daughter once,” she said. “She left me and my husband, Brad in the car and left. I want her back.” A tear dropped down the girl’s cheek. She knew who she was talking to.

“I had a mother once. She would notice me anywhere and anytime even if she hadn’t seen me for 8 years.” After 15 minutes of crying and hugging, she cried out another 15 years of her life. She stared at her mother.

“Where have you been, mom,” The girl asked. ” I have a cauldron full of questions.” Michelle frowned.

“And I’m afraid to say I have a cauldron full of answers.” There their conversation began.

“How did you survive? The car was obviously covered in fire around all edges. There was no escape,” the girl said.

“Well, while you were thinking I was dead,” Michelle said. “I really wasn’t. I just fainted. By the time I woke, there was water sprinkling down on the car. But you didn’t wake yet.”

Margerette and The Great Glass Elevators


Mr. Gilmore got rich with ties. Bow ties, especially. I would watch from my window as men filed into his store, and coming out, holding their ties by their necks, strutting. Blue ties, yellow and green ties, striped ties, dotted ties, checkered ties, and even patterned ties. People would buy bags full, buckets full, TRUNKS full! But Gilmore’s ties were at the most expensive cost. He would only sell to the richest men. He would reject poor men and humiliate them and all I could do was watch. Finally, I decided to do something about it. Being in one of the richest families, I found it was very easy to take action. As you could tell our mansion was so huge, I haven’t been on half the floors. I decided to inform my father. Since he got all of his favorite bow ties from Mr. Gilmore, he wouldn’t like the idea. So I had a plan. Being so ‘busy’ bathing in his gold coins and jewels, he scarcely ever knows when I’m ever even around. I looked into his bedroom. I immediately closed the door. My eyes were scarred for life. My father was dancing in his underwear in his room of jewels! I ignore the sight.


Untitled #2


She is writing

She has a phone

She is wearing a PITT hat

She has a purple jacket

She has pink tennis shoes

She has braces


She has short hair

She has earrings

She has a white shirt

She has a necklace


He has black hair

He has a black shirt

He is typing on his laptop


She is tying

She has a blue shirt and gray pants


I saw so many people today


There was Amy with a PITT hat. She gave it to me.


There was Brandon with a laptop with the words I’m Brandon written on it. He gave it to me.


Then they wanted their stuff back.

I didn’t give it back

The people attacked me and got their stuff back

I am stuffless



Nature is our friend yet our enemy

Poison ivy can kill an innocent human being while a herb called plantain can heal a harmful bee sting.

Nature will punish itself when it has wronged another person.




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