Claire C

Cho, Claire

What is Gold?


Gold is majestic,

Gold is shiny,

The color of a unicorn’s horn,

A 1st place medal

Maybe even a golden sarcophagus

Gold is pretty,

My school colors are gold and black,

Gold will rule the world,

The king’s crown is gold,

“Shower me with gold, peasant!”

Gold is a child’s favorite color

George Washington’s false golden teeth

Gold is the treasure,

The finish line in your dreams is gold

Nature Listens


Given a chance to question a poet,

her introverted quiet nature,

birds flap, tigers listen,

owls hoot

like a grass begs for water.

Everybody, even mighty lions,

is distracted by poetry.

She only replies

with a simple

“The poem whispers to the animals’ hearts.”

Drip, drip, splash, splash.

Newborn tadpoles become frogs listening.

She then disappears

as quickly

and as quietly as she appeared


What is Brown?


Brown is a tree bark,

The carapace of a shark,

Dead leaves on the ground

The dog at the pound

A brownie’s chocolate

Bringer of fall,

Nothing more to stay

Hearing the doves call,

Flying by the bay.



Baby Birds

Mother Bird was proud of her new babies. Two boys and a girl.

“Tweeter, Twitter, and Twitzy,” Mother said.

Tweeter was fierce, fighting over the worms. Twitter was already looking to be a great flyer.

But Twitzy was weaker than both of them. She didn’t drink as much or eat as her brothers did.

“She’s blind,” Doctor Flap claimed. But Mother Bird refused to claim that. Her pride filled her greatly. She spent hours teaching Twitzy a technique to see without eyes.

“Cool! Hi, I’m Twitzy,” Twitzy said to a tree. “Hi birdy.”

“Twitzy, that’s a tree,” Tweeter laughed.



The Dragons of Hernia


Lonely. Cast out. The dragons of Hernia have raised me since I was a little boy. But I became an outcast.

The dragons trained me and I grew wings flying like a true dragon. But Chief Fireball threw me out, as I was a human/hybrid.

My name is Red. A human dragon hybrid of the lost city of Hernia.

I have no memory as a human before a hybrid. My mother was a fire dragon.

“Szcuctmur!” she called me, which meant Red.

But even she was sharp and snappy. So now I am walking, looking at a very old picture.

A human man, about 30, and a human woman, 27, were holding a little baby boy, with a dragon scar.

“Hey, you! Hybrid! Get out of my sight!” a young woman said.

I began to fly. Hybrids were unwelcome in human cities.

“Mother! Leave him alone!” a bat hybrid yelled.

“You pesky hybrid!” the woman growled. “Go in and do something worthy of my attention!”

I landed on a roof, looking at the two women fighting.

I fell asleep, not sure where my journey to become human.

“Hey, wake up!” someone shook me.

“Who?” I asked. It was the bar hybrid girl.

“I’m Carraswoop,” she said. “My father was a brewer, who made me a hybrid.”

“All I want to do is become human again,” I said.

“I want to go on an adventure with you,” Carraswoop declared.

“I’m Red. Do you know who these humans are?” I showed her the photograph.

“Nope. But you could go back to Hernia, and ask.”

“Murutash!” I cursed. It meant dragon poop. “No one welcome me there!”

“C’mon, Red!” Carraswoop complained.


The journey to Hernia. Carraswoop packed, and we went on the shortest route.



The Wedding

Your sweet face was what attracted me,

Beautiful eyes like a river,

You were my lightning, bright as a flower,

I remember wearing my jet-black suit,

Nervous like a baby bird when it learns to fly,

And you! Alas you were lovely with your dress,

A fine pair of doves on your veil,

Coo, Coo

Our marriage was smaller than an ant hill,

But bigger than a grizzly bear,

Nothing was more important to me,

Our marriage, alas it was beautiful,

Your father giving me your lovely hand,

To take care of you like your parents did

As sweetly as we kissed,

During a beautiful twilight forest in my dreams,

Oh I miss you, my lovely wife!


Soccer Steve

Soccer Steve always tried

But never gets a goal,

Empty net, penalty kick,

No matter what

Stevie never scores

Maybe that’s why

He flunked

Soccer school


Stevie only said

“Practice makes perfect.”

Then Soccer Steve

Shoots and shoots

It’s a GOAL, a GOAL,

Stevie’s team leads


Steve shoots again

It’s another goal, 3-0!

Soccer Steve always tries

And always get a goal!


Little Boy

Little Boy,

What do you wanna be?

You can be a teacher

Or a preacher,

A beekeeper or a


A firefighter or a police officer

A doctor or a nurse

A scientist or an author

A mathematician or a

Public bath owner

Little boy said, “I just

Wanna sleep!”


Little boy,

What do you want to be?

You can be a teacher

Or a preacher,

A beekeeper or

A zookeeper

A firefighter or a police officer

A doctor or a nurse,

A scientist

Or an author

A mathematician or a

Public bath owner

Little boy said, “I just wanna sleep!”


Untitled #2


White Tiger, where are you?

Fierce, your black stripes new,

Sharp claws, nothing get in your way

Red wolf, you’re next,

Rare as a diamond ore,

Howls as loud as a siren,

Now bred in captivity,

Safe from hunters

Cheetah, as fast as light

Beautiful spots awaken birds,

Long, graceful legs,

White tiger, where are you?


Dystopian Fiction


“Rene, zombie attack!” Liam cried. Rene ran to camp. She called her soldiers. “Attention Faction 3 and zombies are attacking!”

A zombie’s hand slipped through the faction door. Without even looking, Rene cut it down. She had been sword fighting since age 3.

The soldiers of Faction 11 headed out and began to fight. Liam came in, breathless. Nothing was safe. Not even Rene’s birthplace.

She headed out to fight. When she pulled out her sword, everybody got out of her way. Faction 3 was unprotected. Rene saw a Faction 3 baby and mother getting attacked by a zombie. Since factions were selfish against each other, no one helped each other. But Rene was different, so she slashed the zombie’s head off. Bad choice, the mother smirked, and threw the baby. A towel. She pinned down Rene, and pulled out a dagger. Suddenly, an arrow pierced the woman. Liam had come.


Kitty Cat


Oh kitty cat, kitty cat,

Do you wanna ride a boat?

Yes sir, yes sir he said as he sat

He rode around the moat

Niagara Falls, here I come

Waves howling with laughter,

He took a pic for his mum,

Suddenly, the waves crashed,

Unhappy that the kitty cat

Was here

He lashed his tail

And headed home,

And he told his mum,


what nonsense was

kitty cat talking,

Maybe his voice was walking

But all he said was “Meow, meow.”

Oh kitty cat, kitty cat


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