Dylan M

Myers, Dylan

Prompt with an Object: a Butterfly Puzzle Box    

I will be writing about a lost traveler whose plane’s engine stalls. It crashes on an unknown island, where nature surrounds the traveler. He is the only survivor.


Character Sketch   



a defender

he is a good guy,



There are 7 people in his family,

the children do not yet work for money,

they play.

They are all still in school, public school

or college,

and none of them has a serious

girlfriend or boyfriend yet.

William is a self-sufficient kind of young man.


Survival Story

(draft #1) written as a play or a screenplay

Chapter #1


Will:    Yes?

Jon:     Be careful.

Will:   I will, I will. Ha ha.

Jon:     You better. See ya.

(We hear a voice, “Flight 470 is boarding and ready for take-off.”)

Will:   That’s me, Jon. Ah! I forgot my hat.

Jon:     (laughing) Paris has lots of stores.

(5 hours into the flight. The captain’s voice, “Attention, crew and passengers. One of our engines has stalled. We are trying to fix it…

Steward/or stewardess’ voice, “Roger, Captain. Passengers, please stay calm; we will keep you posted.)

Will:   (looking out the window) Looks like we’re headed down. I wonder about the impact when we land.

(Stewards and stewardesses begin to give advice about how to use your oxygen mask and how to use your seat as a floating device… but Will is looking out the window. The plane speeds downward.)

Will:  Oh, God help me!  (He passes out).




Will:   What? Oh yeah. We landed, and I better climb out that hole in the side of the plane. I’m alive! (Looks around.) Oh dear, I don’t see anyone else who appears to be alive and as lucky as I am. ….


Chapter #2

The island … (to be continued)


I Love Steak


There are many who say

that dog has his day

walks & struts

down the street

seeing people whom he could meet.


He licks his chops

seeks a steak

asks the butcher

for a taste.


Comes home with pride

with steak in mouth,

flops down to rest,

grateful for the steak.


How Bad Will it Be?

Gerald went to get a coffee at Starbuck’s. All of a sudden, an earthquake happens, but it is so small that people think it’s a construction crew outside.

He went back to his apartment with his mocha in his hand. He sat down and turned on the news. The news announcer said, “People, there’s been a minor earthquake, but the worst is yet to come!” (to be continued)




Inside My House

all green and brown

when you come in,

you never frown.


A bit of stone,

a bit of glass,

the chairs don’t care

about your mass.


My neighbor’s outside

with all his sheep.

The baby’s asleep.

and on the porch,

an old guy named Moe,

“That’s me.”

All Cracked and Broken


Aimee was searching for couches at Walmart because her dog Max chewed the leg of the couch. Max chewed and chewed until it went crack. The cushions on the couch got eaten by moths/

Five hours later, Max puked up pieces of wood. Aimee was mad at Max. “Baaaad dog!”












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