Elizabeth K

Kracht, ElizabethThe Haunted Thing

It was Halloween and I dressed up one of my stuffed animals. She’s named Fuzz. Fuzz is my favorite stuffed animal out of my 100 of them. I was really bored so I asked my mom to go to the pool. She was okay with it, so we went. My sister didn’t go.

I had a lot of fun at the pool, and when I came back, Fuzz’s eyes were red and she was staring at me. I got scared so I ran into the kitchen. There, on the table, was Fuzz, with her creepy red eyes. I ran and hid in the bathroom where Fuzz was waiting for me with her creepy red eyes.


Trouble with Dinner #2


Why can’t I dig with my spoon and make potato castles like on the beach?

Why is it rude to make a pyramid out of peach?

Do I really have to have spinach and beets?

I really want some really good, sensible things to eat!


Untitled #1


Noodles, Noodles,




Noodles, Noodles,




Noodles, Noodles,




Noodles, Noodles







Wouldn’t you love a pile of junk?

My mom thinks I’ll eat it in camp on my bunk, wouldn’t you love a pile of junk?


I hate it, I hate it, it’s disgusting and weird. I hate it, I hate it, it’s growing a beard.


Lasagna’s bad and scary,

Weird, and hairy.


Untitled #2


I’m writing about that person walking over there,

A very,

A very very,

A very very hairy,

A very, very hairy bear.


Now I’m looking at another person

All dressed in black

Looking like a bear

Maybe even wearing

Black underwear!

Not much hair

Still looks bare

He really really looks like that!


Books Are Weird

Why is there a pig on that cover?

Why is there a monkey on there dressed in blubber?


Untitled #3


I always try to think of a new color.

I try and I try but I can’t think of another.

I try to stay calm and happy, but all I think of is pink and green.


Beardo Guy

I don’t think that he likes typing on that computer there because he put his hand up and was leaning on it. Most people do that when they are bored. He was also frowning and listening to music after he got too bored. Then he started looking at random things to make him happy like looking at roads on Google maps and looking at random forms on the Internet.



What color would the trees


Or the leaves


If we

Didn’t have green?


Chapter 1

June 21

It was the day before my birthday party and I was GROUNDED because I added blueberry juice into the shower pipe into the bathroom in my house.


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