Luke M

Miller, Luke 2


     after Christine Aikens Wolfe


Green is the grass

Green is hope

Green is the spring leaf

Green is hope

Green is brassy, not bold

Trees are Green

and leaves are Green …


A Two-Dimensional World


A piece of paper got cut and it died. The paper person was named B.J.  He was in a relationship with a different piece of paper named Jill. B.J. was 23 when he got cut and died; his teeth went black, and he had no hair; while his skin was very white.

Jill is 21. One day, she was talking to B.J.’s old enemy, a man who always liked Jill and was jealous of B.J. because Jill liked him. But there is another reason why he is mad. He used to be Jill’s boyfriend, before B.J. So, on this particular day, he pretended to be friendly, while he was thinking, if I can’t kill B.J. since he’s already dead, maybe I should kill Jill. 

(to be continued)



Sad Times


My dad was in the army,

my mom was in the house,

I was in the yard,

waiting for my dad to show up

from the army.


I waited a long time,

he never showed up.

I waited all day,

and all night.

I saw my mom crying

and I knew what happened.


I felt a tear

on my cheek,

and I cried too.



A Lazy Family

   after Langston Hughes


My friend’s family,

Lazily lying

Cool on their I-pods,

On each other spying.


Cool on their I-pods,

On each other they’re peeking,




A Bug and Bugs


I was driving

I drove into a field at night.

It was filled with bugs:




Blue butterflies

Red butterflies

Pink and yellow


And one car – a Bug of course!






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