Nina K

Kellar, Nina

The Peacock

The peacock cries. He doesn’t smile.

The peacock laughs. He doesn’t frown.

The peacock frowns. He doesn’t smile.

The peacock smiles. He doesn’t frown.





Gray is the color of feeling nervous.

the color of clouds on a rainy day.

Gray is the color of the clothes that we wear sometimes.

the color of tools that we use can be Gray .

Gray can be the color of animals you like,

like the hippopotamus, or sharks!

Gray can be the color of many things,

as you can see!





When it’s a warm time in the evening,

we like to eat outside.


When it’s warm,

we like to go to the park.


When it’s warm, it’s to the pool

we like to go.


We like

I like

when it’s warm.



Sarai‘s Journal

Hi, I’m Sarai, and you’re going to follow me around for a week. First, I’m adopted. I really want to meet my real parents, but my parents said Not yet.  Also, my name means Princess and I look a lot like Queen Anna and King Anthony. Isn’t that ironic? Wouldn’t it be cool if they were my real parents! Well, you will come with me on my journey to find my real parents.

Day 1:  (Yawning). Morning already? “Mom, is breakfast ready?”

(to be continued)


Big Earth

     after Langston Hughes


Big earth,

Spinning you go,

For spinning and turning

Is all you know.


Spinning and turning

Is all you do


The universe’s mystery.





They meet on vacation in Virginia. They are both staying in the same hotel and they bump into each other when they walk down the hall.  (to be continued)






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