Rosalie L


Link, Rosalie

Why My Cat is Cute


He gets a hair cut

His meows are cute

He walks cute

He snuggles are cute

His purrs are cute

His eyes are cute

He sleeps cute

He is cute

My Favorite Foods


Ice Cream




Mac ‘N Cheese


Chicken Nuggets

French Fries



Wait… scratch that

Untitled #1


Waking up is so hard

The bathroom is far away

The classrooms are fun

I’m sad to leave

So much fun

Writing Project is fun


 In Key West at Casa Marina Katherine was eating breakfast. She had muffins, an egg, an omelet, and bacon. After breakfast, she went to her room to get her purse so she could drive to the supermarket so she could get chocolate chip cookies and milk for her mother because she was sick.


When Frogs Meet

 One frog on a leaf lonely.

Ribbit Ribbit. “I am so lonely, would someone come to me?” He was getting tired. He dreamed of him dancing with a friend, doves above him and… he woke up in a cage with a frog hiding in the bubbles. The frog said, “Can you be my friend?” The other frog said, “Yes.”


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