Amanda L

Amanda“Falling” in Love

I was looking out a window on the 36th floor. I wondered what to do with my life. I looked to the wall next to me, searching for an answer. Someone had written in small, bubbly letters, “This is a good kiss spot.” I stared at the words for a moment before bursting out laughing.

My friend came over and said, “what the heckie is wrong wit you?” Still laughing, I pointed to the words on the wall. They read it slowly and silently to themselves LIKE AN IDIOT before also laughing. In fact, they laughed so hard that they pushed me… Out the window… I don’t even know how it happened! One second I was laughing with my friend and another I was falling out of a 36 story window!?

I screamed as I fell, though I was unable to hear it because of the roaring sound of wind. I reached out towards the building, trying to reach a ledge or window. Anything to stop the falling. When I managed to reach a ledge, instead of stopping the fall, I ended up hitting my arms and flipping away. From my friend’s point of view I probably looked like the guy who hit the propeller in Titanic. I finally gave up and closed my eyes. I wondered if this was how it would feel to fly. Well, I guess you wouldn’t be falling if you were flying.

The ground got closer and closer and I waited for death. It didn’t come. I opened my eyes, Apparently, I landed on some random person. How I was alive I still don’t know. We looked at each other like ‘WHAT DA HECK?!’ After a few seconds of awkward silence and staring, the person said, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”


You Wish

“You wish.” That’s what my shirt says. It allows you to make ANY wish. I figured it out this morning when my mom was driving me to camp. The road was crammed with cars and my mom sighed in frustration. She said, “I was there was no traffic…” Suddenly, all the others cars disappeared! “… I’m too old for this..” My mom muttered before continuing to drive. I told my friend about what happened. They laughed and said they didn’t believe me. I told them to wish for something and they finally agreed. “pffttt whatever… I wish for… a pineapple?” A pineapple appeared on their head. I laughed then ran away to ask other people what their wishes were. All the people who believed and actually tried had their wish come true.

I Am Poem

I am weird and friendly

I wonder when I can have food

I hear the sound of writing pens

I see “I see” on the board

I want to draw something cute

I am weird and friendly


I pretend to be magical

I feel like having food

I touch this notebook while writing

I worry about presenting

I cry over cringy shows

I am weird and friendly


I understand nothing about life

I say I want to play a game

I dream about some craaazzyyy stuff

I try to make people laugh

I hope that people think I’m nice

I am weird and friendly







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