Annika R


I Am Poem

I am curious and thoughtful,

I wonder what our world will be like in the future,

I hear the almost silent whispers of a bird’s song, in those fleeting moments before yet another ambulance rings,

I see another morning, young with possibility.

I want that we, as a world correct our damage,

I am curious and thoughtful.


I pretend I am someone else

I feel pushed and pressured, yet calm and balanced

I touch a bud, yearning to bloom

I worry, that it is to late, that we can’t go back and fix our personal and collective mistakes.

I cry for all those alone in a changing world, and I cry with all those who have known utter joy.

I am curious and thoughtful.
I understand that we, as humans, are responsible for each other,

I say we should think about our actions and their consequences, before we go and pursue them.

I dream that all violence, one day, will cease

I try and learn as much as possible

I hope that when I go, I have left a better place

I am curious and thoughtful

Hi, I’m the smiley face you see on that Nirvana shirt.

Yes, the one made up of rose print behind it.

I’ve always lived here to the unsuspecting eye, but in reality, I’ve been everywhere. I’m a smiley face, a universal symbol of happiness. Even you have probably met me, because everytime time you draw me, I’m there. And trust me, I’ve been everywhere. On school desks, brick walls, human hands, skin, cement, and of course, t-shirts. Basically, I’ve been around. Everywhere, I go, I meant to spread happiness, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t fall witness to the opposite. In fact, everywhere I go these days, I seem to be present to the aftermath of violence. And in some cases, I’m even there to witness the violence itself! I understand that humans have always had war, but never have they had this much terror. I wonder now more than ever, will we find Nirvana?



One afternoon,

I saw an elderly man

Letters in hand

Walking to the mailbox

To send his letters

To his friends.

He hasn’t let go of

His times,

He hasn’t forgotten

His correspondence.

And so to him I say:

Walk on

Walk on


As I stand waiting,

I see two young girls

In a Jeep,

Their hair blowing in the wind

Their mouths open wide

With laughter and happiness spilling out.

They know friendship

Like the back of their hand.

And so to them I say:

Drive on

Drive on


I pass a woman


And Weeping

As she speaks to the phone.

Her voice wavers

As she grieves.

He’s gone.

She’s known defeat

Like an unwanted friend.

And to her I say:

Carry on
Carry on



Then I see a familiar face:

One I haven’t seen for many years,

But we recognize each other

And embrace.


We have known

Hardship and friendship,

Consistency and difference.

And together

We will know

Much more


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