Julian R


James Ellen

Chapter 1-The School With The Elevator:

It was both James and Ellen’s first job! Both had wanted to be teachers for a good chunk of their lives, and now they were becoming “student teachers.” Arriving at the school, James and Ellen could see the tall and whimsical building looking down on them from way above. The principal of the school, Mr. Macaron, made James and Ellen shake hands, like kids who had just been in a fight being forced to make up.

“Alright, so I’m going to take you on a little tour of the school, before you meet the teachers you’ll be helping. Get in the elevator.” Mr. Macaron said. The three walked inside. The elevator had large, soft and puffy walls.  The walls acted as a cushion to help the elevator along when he wasn’t doing too well.

“Wow! I like the walls in here! Their awesome!” exclaimed Ellen. “I know! I’ve never been in an elevator like this, or even a school with an elevator before!” agreed James. “Well these elevator walls don’t like you, so shut it!” Mr. Macaron snapped. James and Ellen were a little taken aback by his sudden outburst.

The school was quite tall, and had many winding hallways, colorful rooms, and stone walls. The student teachers were amazed at what the world looked like from up there. and the student teachers were amazed at what the world looked like from the window of the top floor. It looked like little matchbox cars and tiny people figures. Suddenly, Mr. Macaron’s phone started ringing. “Ooh! I, uh, better get that! You two stay here!” He said, walking into the next room.

Ellen and James stared down at the world below. “You know, I used to be a bad kid at school. I never thought I’d apply to be a teacher.” James said. “Me too! I failed second grade three times!” Ellen replied. “You know, just to show we haven’t completely joined the school system, let’s do one more rebellious act and write our names on the wall up here.” suggested James.

“I like that idea.” said Ellen, getting a pen out of her pocket. Using the pen, they both wrote their names on the curved windowsill. Just when they were finished, and had put the pen away, Mr. Macaron came back into the room. “That was the name tag guy! He has name tags for each of you!” Said Mr. Macaron.

He gave James a name tag that had the name “James”, and a picture of him from a party that took place about a year earlier, and he gave Ellen a nametag that said “Ellen”, and had a picture of her from her twelfth birthday party.

“How did you get these pictures?” Ellen asked. Mr. Macaron didn’t answer. “Alright!” He said. “I have some more to take care of up here! Go down to the main floor in the elevator and someone will meet you there!” He told them. James and Ellen walked into the elevator.

But, suddenly, just as the door had closed, the puffy walls started to close in on them! “Help! What’s going on?” They both yelled. But the walls kept closing. Then, in the blink of an eye, the two of them were in a convenience store.

Chapter 2-The Elevator With The School:

“Okay, Ellen, where are we now?” Said James, loudly getting up. “I don’t know.” Replied Ellen. The two surveyed their surroundings. Medicine, branded diapers, bags full of candies, chips, cards and magazines were all around them. They were the only two in the store. There were no cashiers.

James and Ellen ran to the doors that were supposed to open automatically, but they didn’t. Outside there was nothing but white space. Ellen and James banged on the doors yelling “Help! We don’t know where we are! Let us out!”

Then, a cloudy creature came into the store, through the doors. James and Ellen stood back in fear. Both screamed. The cloudy creature formed it’s body into letters. It said:


James and Ellen turned around and looked at everything. Where there’s normally be brand names, companies, labels, ingredients, headlines, info or stories, there were only two words repeated over and over again: ‘James Ellen.’

Every single product and set of words just said ‘James Ellen James Ellen James Ellen James Ellen.’ James and Ellen screamed “HOW DID WE GET HERE?!” They had written their names on the architecture of the school, and now, identifying them with nametags, the school was getting revenge- showing them a world where their names were everywhere!

But, then, they noticed an elevator in the corner of the store. Both rushed inside the second puffy walled elevator.

Once again, the puffy walls started to close in on them. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Ellen and James were in another strange place. At first, it looked like a normal city. Then they realized all the cars were little matchbox cars, and all the people were tiny people figures. It was the world seen from the tall window, and now James and Ellen were part of it.

Up above, giant god like versions of James and Ellen ruled this world. The school was not to be messed with, and the two should not have written their names on it.

Those naughty kids! 10 minutes off recess tomorrow!


The Experience

There was a light, warm breeze in the air. It was only the second day of my vacation, and I was going to the Mr. Mysterious Experience. Mr. Mysterious was my favorite TV Show, and this was the town where they made it!

I was happily anticipating what monsters and props and adventures they’d have there. I was blabbering on to the rest of my family, who weren’t even fans of the show, while we walked there.

We could see a huge model of Mr. Mysterious’ special machine all the way from across the water. My family was dragging behind looking at monuments and stuff like that. “Come on guys! We have to go!” I called back to them. “Calm down! Our tickets are good for 30 more minutes.” My mom replied.

“Yeah, and you’re always the slowest, Paul! Why are you so fast today?” said my dad. “Do I have to go to this?” whined my sister, Sharnebrit. At a snail’s pace, the four of us arrived at the Mr. Mysterious Experience. It was so amazing up close, but surprisingly empty! “Where is everybody?” I asked. The only people inside were the cashiers.

“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH NOW!” yelled Sharnebrit at the top of her lungs. “It’s good there’s nobody in there, Paul. We have the place all to ourselves!” My mom told me. But, then, I heard tons of people yelling “Mr. Mysterious! Mr. Mysterious! Mr. Mysterious!” I turned around. Down the street, they were filming a new episode of Mr. Mysterious, surrounded by fans, with the stars, Jackson Pill, and Elena Davidson!

“You guys do the experience!” I said. “Don’t be silly, Paul! Our tickets only last for five more minutes! Come on!” My mom said. Sharnebrit shrieked. She doesn’t like loud noise, but she likes to make it.

“Okay, you guys go in and do the experience! I need to watch them film and meet the stars!” I said. I walked into the crowd. I turned around, watching my family shake their heads and walk into the experience.

I raced into the crowd. Everyone was screaming and chanting so loudly! A large woman, screaming “COME HERE I LOVE YOU!” to the actor and actress, shoved me aside. “Hey, ow!” I yelled. I fought my way through the sea of people, holding branded Mr. Mysterious DVDs, books and even bobbleheads to be signed! I was wearing a Mr. Mysterious t-shirt, so maybe they could sign that.

But, they weren’t signing anything at the moment, as they were filming a scene from the show. Everyone went quiet when someone working on the show yelled “QUIET ON THE SET!” I wish I had his powers.

It took them almost an hour to film the scene. Everyone was getting slightly more tired, as they filmed the same shot of Mr. Mysterious turning his head in slow motion, over and over again. I heard babies crying who were so tired of sitting in one place, but their parents really had to get that autograph or selfie!

They then moved onto Elena Davidson, who they would ask to take a step, and then go back over and over again. After at least an hour and a half of waiting, I checked my watch. My family would be coming out of the experience in ten minutes or so. Finally, Jackson Pill and Elena Davidson approached the crowd.

Everyone cheered so loudly that I went deaf in one ear. I watched them sign things and take pictures, anything a fan would want. I forced my way through the crowd. Then, suddenly, Jackson Pill looked me in the eye. “Hi! HI! I’m-” I began. But he cut me off. “Look kid, I’m not Mr. Mysterious!” he said. “But, yeah, I know, could you-” I began again. “My hours end now. I’m not being paid anymore. Bye!” he said. “But-where’s Elena Davidson?” I asked.

“Who’s that? Your mom?” He said. “No! Your co-star!” I told him. “Ah. I never bothered to learn her name.” He told me. Then, Jackson Pill left. I looked off into the distance and saw Elena Davidson getting into a car, and my family rushing up to me. Sharnebrit was decked out in Mr. Mysterious shirts, bracelets, hats and bags. “It was exhiliratingly amazing!” Sharnebrit squealed.

I looked at her sadly. “What’s wrong, Paul? It was really cool. You would’ve loved it. Did you meet your favorite stars?” My dad asked. “No, not really.” I said.

A few months later, I was watching the new episode of Mr. Mysterious. There was no part when Mr. Mysterious turned his head or where his companion took a step forward. But, there was a scene where his companion, played by Elena Davidson, got into a car, and my family and I were in the background!

Sharnebrit became the new Mr. Mysterious fan in the family.


Venice Postcard

When Sarah was a young girl, she was walking along, and a young boy threw an ice cream cone at her. She always remembered it’s cookie dough and caramel flavor.

Green Bank Journey

I was leaving all my friends, my home, and wireless behind to move to this stupid quiet town, Green Bank W.V.  “Why do I need to move here again?” I asked my parents.  “Your dad has got a dream job here!” my mom replied. “And your school back home, was useless.” my dad added. But Green Bank has no Wi-Fi!” I said. “You should learn to live without Wi-Fi.” my mom said.
As soon as we got out of the car, I got out my iphone. My parents were saying hi to our new neighbors, an elderly couple. My iphone wasn’t connecting! Suddenly the old man came over to me and said “Welcome! You won’t need that here!” Then he took my phone! Then he put it in his pocket and walked inside! I told my parents but they didn’t seem to believe me or care.

That night I snuck out of my house. The  old man had thrown away my phone but it was in a trash can right outside his house. I grabbed it and was about to go inside when I saw a GIGANTIC white thing. It looked like one of those things on top of houses that give you cable TV.

I decided to walk up to it and investigate. There was a lab right next to it. The door was locked but I climbed in through the window and got in. The big thing seemed to be watching, scanning or  transmitting from space! There were machines everywhere in the lab. I turned on my phone. It was 12:00 midnight.

There was a machine inside that gave the audio that was being heard by the white thing. It was almost as silent as Green Bank itself. But then I heard a voice. “Somo, Bem cha woko.” it said. Then it kept saying nonsense. Man, was it creepy! But then I started understanding it. They were talking in an ancient Native American language, but I had studied it in school!

Here is the English translation: “We have scanned this planet and this is the language we picked up.” I started getting really scared now. But I was intrigued. I kept listening. “In 60 seconds we will destroy the place that is hearing us. “ it said in Native American. It took me a second to realize that was where I was right then!

I ran to unlock the door but I needed a key! I frantically scrambled around looking for one but I couldn’t find one! The workers must take them home with them! I ran to the window but the wind had bolted it shut! Then with a sigh of relief I realized I had my phone with me. But then I remembered there was no wireless! I HATE GREEN BANK!

A countdown started in the Native American language. 30……29…….28……What can I do? 27….26…..25….. I went through my options: Door, no. Window, no. Phone, no. 24….23….22….21….20…..19…… WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO? 18….17….16…”HELP!” I yelled.
Then, suddenly, my neighbor knocked on the window! He must work there because he had a key! He unlocked the door and let me out! Right when we had gotten a few feet away the lab exploded! “How did you know to come save me?” I asked the old man.

“Your parents said you were missing so I went out to look for you.” he said. “But you don’t even know me!” I replied. “Humans always help other humans in Green Bank.” he said. Then he added “But now I lost my job! Did you blow up the lab?” “No! “Of course not!” I said. “Then who did?” he asked.

I replied with “I never really did find that out…………”



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